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Fair Deal

What is Fair Deal?

Many residents who come to stay with us use the Fair Deal scheme. Fair Deal is the name of a government scheme for providing financial support for those who need long term nursing home care. Residents pay a contribution to the costs of the nursing home care and the State will pay the balance. Under this scheme, which is operated by the Health Service Executive, a person receives the same level of support, regardless of the type of nursing home. This scheme covers nursing and personal care, room and board as well as laundry.

To apply, you need an application for a Care Needs Assessment, then an application for State support is made. To qualify, you will be assessed to confirm that you are in need of long term nursing home care. Those suffering from diminished mental capacities can have a relative apply on their behalf. Short term or convalescent care doesn’t qualify for the Fair Deal. Your financial situation is also assessed to determine how much you contribute toward the care fees. If the amount you contribute is less than the cost of your fees, then the HSE will cover the remainder of them.

A financial assessment looks at your income as well any assets you may own. The contribution is equal to 80% of your assessable income and 7.5% of the value of any assets you own per annum. The assessment will not take the income of your relatives into account, except for your partner. In regards to couples, the assessment will be based on half of the couple's combined income.

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