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Hamilton Park Care Facility are extremely proud to have begun the rollout of vaccinations on January 18th and both Residents and Staff have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination . It was a monumental day for all involved and a major step towards a brighter future.

Hamilton Park also announced that all Staff had their vaccination status updated on the Irish-engineered Health Passport Europe digital platform, which allows people to securely store and display their COVID-19 vaccine status, along with COVID-19 test results and travel certifications.

The Health Passport Europe digital platform has been developed to support users to hold their official COVID-19 vaccination status and includes a specific status based on whether users have received one or two doses of the Pfizer vaccination. Hamilton Park Care Facility had already successfully used Health Passport Europe to support rapid COVID-19 testing for staff and for families during the Christmas period so that Residents could receive a compassionate visit.

To learn more about Health Passport Europe click HERE.

Dear Family Members,

Here at Hamilton Park Care Facility, the health and safety of our Residents and their families are always our top priority. This year, COVID-19 has been extremely challenging for everyone but our staff at Hamilton Park Care Facility have been working tirelessly to ensure the comfort and safety of our Residents.

We are pleased to announce our updated COVID-19 contingency plan to allow our beloved Residents to receive a compassionate 15 minute face to face visit for up to 2 family members for Christmas. To maintain our high level of comfort and safety for our Residents this upcoming Christmas visit will be setup over 4 stages:

1 - Download and setup the Health Passport Europe app.

We have created a step by step guide on how to do this by clicking HERE.

Important: This app should be installed with an account for each visiting family member fully created on their own device before arriving to Hamilton Park Care Facility. Visitors must be over the age of 16.

2 - On Saturday, December 5th, up to 2 family members for each Resident are invited to have their first COVID test to be added to their Health Passport profile. A drive-through COVID testing centre will be temporarily setup in the front carpark of Hamilton Park Care Facility. We will ring to schedule a time for your arrival on Saturday, December 5th, over the coming days. This test is expected to take no more than 5 minutes and is in conjunction with Health Passport Europe.

3 - Once you receive a negative COVID test, you may proceed to book a 15 minute Christmas visit with your loved one. Information on how to book will be explained to you on Saturday, December 5th.

4 - On the day of your scheduled 15 minute face to face Christmas Visit you must arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled visit to receive a second COVID test from Bloodworks, an independent testing centre located beside Hamilton Park Care Facility. More information on how to get to Bloodworks will be made available at the time of booking your Christmas visit. The result of this test will be added to your Health Passport Europe profile and will be scanned before proceeding to your scheduled visit at Hamilton Park Care Facility. This test will be €40 per test, payable to Bloodworks on the day.

As always, stay safe.

Susan Campbell

Director of Operations

Hamilton Park Care Facility

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