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bon appétit 

Food and Nutrition

"Variety is

the spice of life"

“Food plays an important role in the wellbeing of our Residents.”

Good, nutritious, tasty food is an important factor in the quality of life and wellbeing of our Residents. With experience and expertise in nutrition we serve our Residents meals that are appealing, healthy and delicious. Our meals are developed and cooked by chefs that work with a dietician, to give our Residents a balanced, nutritious diet. One of our biggest challenges in taking care of Residents diets is catering for all dietary or cultural requirements, as well as a wide variety of tastes. Our menu features delicious meals and desserts for our Residents to enjoy, including special diets and texture-modified meals. This range is continually being added to and improved upon by our team of chefs, in collaboration with a dietician who ensures that each meal is nutritionally balanced, that means we can offer a variety, helping to prevent menu fatigue.

We have seasonal menus prepared by our Chefs and served on a rotational basis. The menu changes in accordance with the seasons, availability of products and also taking into account feedback from Residents’ Forum. Menus are reviewed and audited by a Dietician.


All individual dietary requirements are catered for – coeliac, diabetic, modified consistency diets as per SALT guidelines and special requests, likes and dislikes. A member of staff on each floor will call to you on a daily basis with the menu for the next day. The daily menu is displayed on each floor in in a format appropriate to enable you to make an informed choice based on your dietary requirements, likes and dislikes. 

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our meals or mealtimes, one of our chefs can arrange to meet with you to discuss your meals times and choices. We have a menu list of “always available” choices, if you wish to have something different to what is on the day's menu a list. 

Residents have available to them 24 hours a day an assortment of beverages, drinks and snacks, specific to their dietary and consistency requirements. Drinks and snacks include water, milk, a selection of fruit juices, teas, coffees, smoothies, yogurts, fruits, bread & jam, scones, biscuits, crackers and cakes. 

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