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Additional Services

Health Care Services

The clinical reviews of the GP comprehensively includes establishing the appropriate medical history of the Residents, review of previous records and collateral information from allied health services, current medical issues, appropriate referrals to external and internal disciplines, reviews of clinical investigations and medication reviews to ensure optimum therapeutic value for Residents.


The scheduled visits of the GP in the facility is 3 times a week (Mon-Wed-Fri). During of Tue-Thurs-Sat-Sun is covered by on-call GP.

Worship at Hamilton Park

Clergy of all denominations are welcome at any time, should you wish to see your priest or minister, please ask the nurse to contact them on your behalf.

We welcome people of all denominations, faiths and beliefs. All individuals' spiritual care is catered for. We have visiting Church of Ireland and Methodist Ministers. We have a dedicated Oratory which can be used by the Residents at any time. 

Residents can if they wish attend mass locally and we can if requested facilitate attendance. We facilitate a Catholic mass every second Sunday and all Residents who wish to attend are brought down to St Peter and St Paul’s church in Balbriggan.

Roman Catholic mass is celebrated once a month. Minister of the Eucharist visits every Sunday to administer Holy Communion.

Mass on the TV every Sunday is put on or can be watched in your room.

Physiotherapy Services

The facility has always engaged the physiotherapy services when needed for the Residents. The physiotherapists provide regular physiotherapy sessions for the specific Residents. Physiotherapist in the facility has extensive experience in the care of the elderly and acquired brain injury Residents.  Physiotherapist designed exercise and rehabilitation programmes that tailor fit to the needs of the residents.


Physiotherapy services includes on site treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological, orthopaedic, respiratory and cardiac conditions. It also includes mobility aids, equipment assessments, prescription and sourcing, massage therapy and recommendations.

By the time many of our community members arrive at Hamilton Park Care Facility, most require some degree of health 

and wellbeing monitoring. Our staff provide complimentary and customisable Physical Therapy services for everyone.

By catering to the personal needs of each and everyone here, we hope to make Hamilton Park Care Facility feel like home.

Speech and Language Therapy

Provision of Speech and Language therapy service to the Residents has always been available at our facility. The delivery of service is enhance by initiating a quick referral system to SALT specialist in HSE and nutritional company. Speech and language therapist diagnose and treat Residents with expressive language difficulties and dysphagia.


Along with other members of the multi-disciplinary team, the SALT therapist works closely with the Resident and their families to establish a programme to help Residents communicate as effectively as possible.

Speech and Therapy
Health Care

Dietetic Services

The main challenge of caring for vulnerable adults is the prevention of malnutrition and dehydration which greatly increase the Residents’ vulnerability to illness, clinical complications and death therefore early identification and interventions are essential.


Our clinical nutritionist provides an on-going assessment and review of Residents who are at risk of malnutrition and dehydration.

Chiropodist Services

Focused foot care in vulnerable adults can prevent mobility problems and social isolation. The facility has a continuous engagement with a Chiropodist to regularly assess and review our Residents. The chiropodist review contributes to the general wellbeing and health of the Residents in many ways.


Chiropodist conducts assessments of all Residents’ foot care needs and provides written report and recommendations on foot care requirements and care plans.

Optical Services

Visual impairment can have a debilitating effect on vulnerable people in maintaining a normal life. An external optical company has always been involved in providing the best possible evidenced base care on the diagnosis, management and treatment of eye disorders at our facility.

Dental Services

An external Dental service provider facilitates services to the Residents in the facility. 

The services include:

•    Annual Oral Examination including Oral Cancer Screening and screening for Abnormalities

•    Teeth Cleaning (Can be provided under the medical card scheme subject to prior approval). Denture Cleaning. Denture Care (Including New Dentures where required and can be provided under the medical card scheme subject to prior approval)

•    Fillings (Please note that some fillings may require a visit to the local dental practice)

•    Non-surgical Extractions


Audiology Services

An external audiology service provider facilitates services to the Residents in the facility.

The services include:

  • Ear wax removal 

  • Microsuction

  • Manual Removal

  • Water Irrigation

  • Hearing Aids

  • Tinnitus Treatment

  • Hearing Test

Disability Services

The facility is cognizant to the fact that there is a need to develop a wider range of policies and to increase our services to address the current challenges in relation to the increasing demands of Residents’ and their need in the acquired brain injury and continuing care units. The facility envisages to maintain but also to increase all of the supports needed so that the Residents with disabilities can have the widest choice and options about how the Residents in the Acquired Brain Injury Unit live their lives.


Tissue Viability Nurse Services

The facility engaged the services of a Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist for the assessment, planning and evidenced based intervention on wound/pressure sore care management.

Neuro-Psychology Services

The facility have engaged the services of qualified Neuropsychologists to meet the complex care needs of the Residents in the Acquired brain injury and Dementia Specific units. The Clinical Neuropsychologists have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and/or specific qualification in Neuropsychology and Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychology. The neuropsychologists are trained in understanding neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropathology and comprehensive training in the process of neuropsychological assessment in order to aid diagnosis and treatment planning. Clinical Neuropsychologists are also trained to be therapists and interventionists in addressing Residents behavioural and mood disorders associated with neurological dysfunctions. They also worked directly with the family of the Residents to improve outcome.

Tissue Viability
Neuro - Psycology

Hospital Appointments

Hamilton Park Care Facility can arrange transport and escort to and from Hospital appointments for our Residents if requested. Cost incurred.

Respite Care

Respite Care is just as much about the person receiving care as it is about the people who care for them. Hamilton Park Care Facility provides a comfortable, quiet and homely environment, allowing us to look after your loved one while giving you the ability to enjoy a break with the utmost peace of mind. We also provide respite care for after long periods of hospitalisation. 

Hospital Appointments
Respite Care

Bio - Energy Therapy

Hamilton Park Care Facility has engaged the services of a qualified bio-energy therapist. This form of healing specialises on clearing blockages on individual's electro-magnetic energy (aura) as it flows through the seven energy centres (chakras). This relaxing form of therapy focuses on reliving body aches and reduction in anxiety and stress.

Bio - Energy
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