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Hamilton Park Care Facility Acquired Brain / Spinal Injury Care


Acquired Brain / Spinal Injury Care

This 49 bedded unit has been specifically developed to provide superior, specialised, evidence based, best practice care and support services to adults who have an acquired brain injury or a degenerative neurological condition. The Kingfisher Suite provides a high quality & standard of care and support in a homely environment.  We strive to maximise each residents’ individual care needs, comfort, safety, personhood, autonomy, identity, dignity, respect & privacy.  

All bedrooms are spacious with an en-suite or shared bathroom. All rooms are generously sized, allowing space for all required equipment which may be required for provision of essential care and recreational purposes for the occupant of the room. Rooms are sufficiently sized to allow for additional furniture, “props” and personal items, enabling the resident to create his/her own home from home space, facilitating quality time or private time with family and friends or alone. 

Residents in the Kingfisher Suite have access to both Occupational & Physical Therapy, ensuring each resident has a planned comprehensive care, social and activities program. In addition there is a team of Allied Healthcare Professionals available to support residents on this specialised unit, including neuropsychologist, dietetics, speech and language therapists and tissue viability nurse.

All our activities and communal areas on the Kingfisher Suite promotes interaction and socialisation. Residents can access the internet access and use this resources for recreational, educational, social and development purposes.


Our mission is to provide superior care and educational rehabilitative services to adults who have an acquired brain injury. This included maintaining a safe environment in which each client can maintain their dignity and maximise their individual quality of life in a community oriented, non-institutional setting. The services provided by Hamilton Park Care Facility place a critical emphasis on client care and quality. The Kingfisher suite rooms are all spacious and en suite, these large rooms facilitate equipment for care and recreational purposes. The single rooms allow fo quality time spent with family and friends or private moments alone, while our large activities area promotes interaction and socialisation.

Acquired Brain / Spinal Injury Care


Our Activities Therapist will work with you to design an activities programme to meet your needs.


Our clinical Psychologist aim to reduce the distress and improve the psychological wellbeing of Residents. They use psychological methods and research to make positive changes to their residents lives and offer various forms of treatment. Clinical psychologist often work alongside other professionals in multidisciplinary teams in order to deal with complex resident problems.

Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy

Our physiotherapists and occupational therapist will lease closely with the multidisciplinary team of the refereeing hospital to maximise your care. The unit also has an equipped gym to maximise your care under the close supervision of the physiotherapist.


A full and varied menu is available to suit your taste and preferences.


All rooms have nurse call facilities as well as satellite TV, telephone system and free wireless internet.

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