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Staff of Hamilton Park Care Facility have their vaccine status updated on Health Passport Europe

Hamilton Park Care Facility are extremely proud to have begun the rollout of vaccinations on January 18th and both Residents and Staff have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination . It was a monumental day for all involved and a major step towards a brighter future.

Hamilton Park also announced that all Staff had their vaccination status updated on the Irish-engineered Health Passport Europe digital platform, which allows people to securely store and display their COVID-19 vaccine status, along with COVID-19 test results and travel certifications.

The Health Passport Europe digital platform has been developed to support users to hold their official COVID-19 vaccination status and includes a specific status based on whether users have received one or two doses of the Pfizer vaccination. Hamilton Park Care Facility had already successfully used Health Passport Europe to support rapid COVID-19 testing for staff and for families during the Christmas period so that Residents could receive a compassionate visit.

To learn more about Health Passport Europe click HERE.

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